Privacy Policy


We will treat all your personal information as confidential. We will protect your personal information.

When you shop on our website, we will collect personal information from you, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, product selection, credit card or other payment information, and passwords.
We may also collect information. Our third-party content providers may collect information about your location on the Internet, browser type, country/region and telephone area code where your computer is located, and website pages you have viewed during your visit And all search terms ("User Information") that you enter on our website.
The reason we monitor our website and capture this information is to improve your shopping experience, enable us to process your orders, process deliveries, make you aware of exciting offers and promotions, and ensure that we can continue to serve you Provide our customers with an excellent online shopping experience. We will not sell your information or advertise your information where you do not allow it.


In order to further improve your shopping experience, we use cookies to store information about you. These cookies are files that we send to your computer or other access devices. You can access these files when you visit our website in the future. The cookies we use allow us to save your luggage for later use, such as tracking email openings. We use many different cookies on our website.

There are four main types of cookies we store-this is how and why we use them.

(1) Website function cookies-using these cookies, you can browse the website and use our functions, such as "add to shopping bag" and "save later".

(2) Website analysis cookies-These cookies enable us to evaluate and analyze how customers use the website to improve its functionality and your shopping experience.